Anti Drone Technology

Anti Drone Technology

The emergence of small, lightweight, low cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)/Remotely Piloted Air System (RPAS) offers many applications. Adversaries have also realised this opportunity to remotely deploy threats. Drones can be vehicles for delivering high hazard payloads; can present a threat by their very presence; or as platforms for illegal surveillance. UAV present one of the most challenging and dynamic threats to Defence Forces on operations, and to Law Enforcement in protecting persons, events and institutions domestically.  Drones can deliver contraband into Prisons, carry out surveillance of military bases and assets, create havoc at high profile events, and deliver IEDs in combat zones.

EPE offers systems to detect, identify and mitigate such threats, allowing users to safely stop, redirect, land or take control of a suspect drone. These systems do not use jamming techniques.  EPE has systems currently in-service with several Australian customers. EPE has delivered this capability from initial advice, site survey, installation, training, and ongoing monitoring and support of the system including the provision of weekly reports.

What our Anti Drone Technologies protect

Military Facilities


Public Events


Critical Infrastructure




High Profile Events


Correctional Facilities