C-IED/EOD & Search

The pervasive use of explosives by insurgent and criminal organisations presents evolving operational challenges to public safety and military personnel worldwide. The growing trend towards Vehicle-Borne IEDs (VBIEDS) and Person-Borne IEDs (suicide bombers), has compounded the difficulty of providing safety and security in high profile areas such as urban centres and mass transit. In parallel, civilians living in post-conflict countries continue to suffer personal injury and economic hardship due to Anti-Personnel Mines and other Explosive Remnants of War.

EPE provides all branches of the explosive disposal community with comprehensive solutions of integrated Counter-IED intelligence, equipment and training to defeat these threats. EPE has had a long partnership with Med-Eng. With 30 years of aggressive research programs and over 600 live blast tests, bomb disposal and demining protective equipment developed by Med-Eng is supported by a unique understanding of “Blast Effects on the Human Body

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