DF200 3rd Gen

DF200 3rd Gen is a non-toxic, biodegradable, non-corrosive aqueous foam with enhanced physical stability for the rapid mitigation and decontamination of chemical (CW) and biological (BW) warfare agents. The formulation is based on a surfactant system to solubilise sparingly soluble CW agents and to increase rates of reaction with nucleophilic reagents. The formulation is the first known to be effective on a broad spectrum of chemical agents as well as biological agents, radiological particles, bacteria, viruses, and bacterial spores.

The basic chemistry of DF200 3rd Genis a combination of two basic active ingredients: quaternary amines and hydrogen peroxide. DF200 3rd Gen also contains several stabilising compounds, which help to extend the shelf life of the formula, and control the chemical reaction; so that the decontamination occurs in a safe manner.

The pH is around 9.8 making is basic solution. When the formula comes in contact with inorganic acids, it works to neutralise the acids bringing them to a pH of 7. DF200 works differently on organic acids, solvents, and compounds. In this case, the combined formula breaks the chemical bonds between the individual atoms. The result is a release of water molecules reducing the chemicals on the adjacent list to carbon and non-hazardous inorganic residue.

Despite its power, the primary oxidisers within the Decon Formula will decompose into oxygen and water. Consequently, the Decon Formula has none of the problems of gaseous release of using chlorine (chlorinated organics) or chemical residues that are associated with other chemical oxidants. Since
the Decon Formula is totally miscible with water, it is perfectly safe to handle and apply to many materials.

Mechanism Of Action

1. Physically denatures bacterial spores via a surfactant boring holes in their protein shell armour
2. Oxidising agents attack the genetic material (DNA) within the spore
3. Hydrolysing agents attack vital bacterial spore contents and functions