Dahlgren‌ Chemical & Biological Decon

First Line Technology Dahlgren‌ Chemical & Biological Decon is a three-component solution that can immediately decontaminate chemical and biological warfare agents. Dahlgren Decon can be used on personal protective equipment (PPE), equipment, and critical infrastructure. Dahlgren Decon has at least a five-year shelf life in storage and will be efficacious for at least six hours after being mixed with any available water source – fresh water, salt water, and brackish water are all proven effective. Live-agent testing indicates that the surfactant based decontamination formula with Dahlgren Decon is capable of 100% neutralisation of HD (mustards) in less than 2 minutes, 100% neutralisation of GD (nerve agents) in 5 minutes, and approximately 95% neutralisation of VX (nerve agents) in 15 minutes with no toxic byproducts observed.


  • Decontamination of PPE, equipment and critical infrastructure
  • Fast Acting Decon of Chemical and Biological Agents
  • Excellent Material Compatibility
  • Works with Detectors – No False Positives
  • Non-Corrosive & Non-Flammable
  • Non-Toxic By-Products
  • Mixes with Any Available Water Source

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