FiberTect Activated Carbon Dry Decon

FiberTect Activated Carbon Dry Decon has absorbent and adsorbent properties to remove bulk contamination after decontamination.  It is a three layer, inert, flexible, drapable, non-woven composite substrate for absorbing and adsorbing chemical warfare agents (CWAs), toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), toxic industrial materials (TIMs), and pesticides. FiberTect is self-contained and packaged for easy use, storage and transport. Materials used to manufacture the outer layers of FiberTect may vary in order to best provide absorption and/or adsorption properties for multiple functional uses. The three layers of material include a top and bottom fabric layer and a centre layer of fibrous activated carbon that is needle punched into a composite fabric. The top and bottom layers provide structural coherence, improving mechanical strength and abrasion resistance, while the centre layer acts as the active decontaminant. FiberTect is non-particulate and is devoid of loose particles. It is effective in decontaminating personnel, weapons, and sensitive parts of equipment.

Challenge chemicals and results include:

  • Sulfur Mustard: Outperformed all 30 other sorbents for absorptive capacities directly from skin (95% removal) and adsorptive capacities, including current military M291 sorbents.
  • Methylparathion (organophosphate): Outperformed all sorbents for absorptive and adsorptive capacities.
  • 70% Nitric Acid, 70% Sulfuric Acid, 10 % Sodium Hypochlorite, and P-Zylene: No material degradation.
  • Water and P-Xylene: Outperformed other sorbents for both hydrophilic and hydrophobic absorptive capabilities.

FiberTect CS for Oil
The outer layers of FiberTect CS are made of unbleached raw cotton for use during oil spills. FiberTect CS is reusable (up to 5 times), absorbs more oil than synthetic fabrics, and holds in toxic hydrocarbons and vapours. In addition to having the ability to work on multiple types of oil (including crude oil), the porous dry carbon inner layer retains micro particles from oil dispersant mixtures that are harmful to marine life.

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