AirPrep Cub Sampler

The AirPrep Cub Sampler is a more affordable compact commercial version of the Bobcat Air Sampler trusted by researchers and US military since 2012. It uses the same 360° aerosol inlet design and rapid filter elution kit, the AirPrep Cub Sampler is just as efficient as the Bobcat Air Sampler for the collection and recovery of bioaerosols and particulate matter from 0.01 microns to 10+microns.

Two models are available:

  • AirPrep Cub Model ACD210 has an internal rechargeable battery
  • AirPrep Cub Model ACD220 is plugin only

The AirPrep Cub Sampler uses a 52mm dry electret filter as the collection media. Electret filters are produced from dielectric polymer fibers that develop an electrical charge when air flows past them. This substantially increases the collection efficiency of the filter allowing efficient collection of the smallest diameter viruses which is a limitation of most competing collectors. The AirPrep Cub Sampler efficiently captures micron- and submicron-sized particles, including viruses, bacteria, pollen, molds, and fungal spores, as well as non-biological particles from 0.01um to 10um+.

The single-use filter and elution kit comes with everything an operator needs for rapid sample recovery including sample cup and lid, elutor cap, and elution foam canister.

Following aerosol collection, the filter is removed from the collector, snapped onto the sample cup, and fitted with the elutor cap. To extract the captured particles from the filter, the user presses the canister containing the Wet Foam Elution into a fitting on the elutor cap. The elution foam is released from the canister evenly through the filter. The wet foam passes through the interstitial spaces of the filter to efficiently extract any captured particles. Sample elution takes approximately 5 seconds and produces 6 to 7 milliliters of liquid sample. The foam immediately collapses back to a liquid in the sample cup, making it available for sample processing and analysis.

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