RAZOR EX BioDetection System

The advanced RAZOR EX BioDetection System employs Real-time PCR technology to deliver reliable and sensitive detection and identification of biological pathogens in the field. Designed specifically for field use, the compact and lightweight design of the RAZOR EX allows it to be hand carried and minimal sample preparation requirements make it easy to use. Used with The 10 Target Screen Kit, the RAZOR EX simultaneously tests ten pathogens with reliable, DNA-based results available in less than 30 minutes. Developed for first responders and front line military troops, it is easily operated while working in protective equipment under extreme conditions. The battery powered instrument includes Bluetooth capabilities, bar code reader, and a bright, easy-to-read colour screen.

The RAZOR EX BioDetection System utilises BioFire Diagnostics’ patented reagent pouch system— integrated freeze-dried reagents packaged in durable plastic pouches for incomparable ease of use. A variety of pre-formatted pouch configurations are available for biothreat, food testing, water testing, or environmental testing applications

The compact unit comes loaded in a durable Pelican case with the instrument, battery, and recharger. The system is 110/220V compatible and has passed rigorous environmental testing. It was designed to operate as a stand-alone unit (without PC).

  • Automatic analysis (Yes/No answer)
  • Battery powered—Rechargeable (7 runs/charge)
  • Light weight
  • Larger Built-in Colour display
  • Hot swappable power

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