HandyRam II Raman Spectrometer

HandyRam II Raman Spectrometer is a pocket-sized, laser-based identifier of drugs of abuse, explosive materials and precursors.

This incredibly small Raman handheld analyser identifies illicit narcotics, controlled drugs, explosives materials, pharmaceutical ingredients and a wide range of unknown substances. Thousands of compounds are available in FFI’s spectral libraries. It also analyses and reports the components of mixtures.

HandyRam™ II is a compact, ruggedised Raman spectrometer that is incredibly powerful. It is able to analyse thousands of explosives, narcotics and toxic chemicals in seconds. Laser power is adjustable and uses programmable acquisition delay when measuring energetic materials.

HandyRam™ II features a durable and waterproof construction yet can also be connected to a PC for detailed spectral analysis, library and record management. The system has tactile buttons for operation designed for use while wearing gloves.

Accessories include: pouch, shoulder strap, USB cable, laser aperture cap with polystyrene target, sample vials, point-and-shoot adapter, vial holder, 90° angle adapter, attachment

HandyRam integrates with Field Forensics’  DABIT product for complete forensics mobile and laboratory solutions for drugs identification.