Progeny ResQ FLX


The Progeny ResQ FLX provides law enforcement agencies with greater flexibility for use in the widespread opioid epidemic and increase in drug trafficking. Designed with the customer needs in mind, the Progeny ResQ FLX 1064nm Raman analyser provides the industry with the most comprehensive tool for illegal drug and narcotics identification in a fast and simple handheld form.
Users have the ability to select libraries, features, and support packages that fit their needs and
budget. By integrating Progeny ResQ FLX into routine response tactics, users have the ability to:

  • Obtain results in seconds using a Category A technique accepted by SWGDRUG
  • Create tamper-proof reports with digital signature capabilities
  • Add pictorial evidence using on-board camera
  • Rapidly transfer results with smartphone pairing

The ResQ FLX identification capbability can be enhanced with additional libraries including explosives, precursors, CWAs and TIC available on demand. For a detector including all libraries out of the box, see the Progeny ResQ