Target ID Illicit Drug Analyser

Target ID Illicit Drug Analyser is the first Fourier-Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy analyser specifically designed to support narcotics interdiction efforts. Combining the power, speed, and accuracy of FTIR with a library of up to 2,500 narcotics, precursors, common chemicals, and cutting agents, the Target ID returns identification results in a matter of seconds without damaging or degrading the sample.

In addition, Target ID is capable of identifying emerging synthetic designer drugs. Its customisable user library easily allows localised drug variants to be added. Designed  for ease of use by personnel of different skill levels, minimal training is required for operation.

FTIR has long been a trusted method for the identification of unknown powders, liquids, gels, pastes and solids. In addition, FTIR spectroscopy is ideal for field use due to its ability to recognise and identify substances where other technologies fall short. Only a very small quantity of a sample is required for analysis and an integrated press ensures consistent and reliable pressure is made throughout the analysis process.

Lightweight and easily transportable, Target ID provides hours of operation on a single battery charge and also accepts commercially available disposable batteries or line power if needed. The system offers an unmatched performance throughout an extreme temperature range and the revolutionary optical platform provides high vibration immunity even during the analysis period. Smiths Detection has leveraged a best-in-class infrared spectroscopy platform with decades of experience to develop Target ID, a product as advanced as it is cost effective.