CPEDS (Check Point Explosive Detection System)

Alakai Defence Systems’ CPEDS (Check Point Explosive Detection System) is an extreme standoff range explosive detection system for entry point security, bulk explosives detection, exploitation and forensics applications. The system can be operated remotely further isolating the operator from the blast radius. CPEDS employs deep UV Raman Spectroscopic Detection methodologies for robust detection using Alakai’s patented, proprietary eye-safety technology. CPEDS is a simple point & shoot system.

The real-time threat/no-threat results are displayed by a simple Red Light/Green Light indicator for security personnel. Alternatively, the system will not only detect a threat, but also identify the type of material detected when needed. Finally, this system can also export detailed analysis for experts across the globe. The current tailorable threat list includes selected explosives, homemade explosives, CWA, chemical residues, pollutants, TICs and precursors.