Field Forensics EZK™ Detection Disc

Field Forensics EZK™ Detection Disc trace detection disc for commercial, military and home made explosives

The Field Forensics EZK™ Detection Disc is a self-contained, rugged, and convenient detection kit that is designed for the detection of a broad range of explosives in solid or liquid forms, at trace or bulk levels. It is suitable for use in commercial, military, and home-made explosives.

EZK™ Detection Discs are small and easy to use, requiring very little training. They are completely self-contained and require no external heating source, sample collection method, or other accessories. Each test is only 5.2 cm (2″) in diameter, making it easy to carry in a shirt pocket. EZK™ is sold in boxes of fifty (50) tests, making it an affordable option for those who need reliable and convenient explosive detection.

The enhanced colorimetric chemistry of EZK™ Detection Discs is unique, giving the user easily discernible colors and false-positive rates lower than other currently available test kits, instruments, and even K-9s. There are no known false-negatives, ensuring reliable results.

EZK™ Detection Discs don’t require an instrument to read the result. Since any color change indicates a positive for explosives or a precursor chemical, the color chart is only for reference. A digital camera records the result, the kit serial number, date, time, GPS location, and other information. This allows for trace explosive detection in your pocket.

Field Forensics EZK™ Detection Disc are perhaps the most convenient test kits on the market – simple and reliable yet with excellent sensitivity to a broad range of explosives and very low false positive rates. With EZK™, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable and convenient way to detect explosives. Order now and experience the convenience and reliability of EZK™ Detection Discs.