PRIED (Portable Raman Improvised Explosive Detector)

The PRIED ( Portable Raman Improvised Explosive Detector) is based upon proven technology that until recently was only available as a vehicle mounted capability. The evolution of this into a man-packable version will enable lightweight, portable stand-off detection that is able to provide early warning and covert identification of explosive compounds in varying scenarios such as check points, venues, area, buildings and targets of interest.

Comprehensive, Expandable Library Combined with Ease of Use
The PRIED unique design implements UV Raman technology to provide stand-off explosive and CWA detection. The PRIED has an expandable library presently containing more than 30 fingerprints for Explosives, HME, TIC/ TIM and CWA, which can be readily updated.

A Stand-Off “First Defender” With Faster Detection Times
The UV Raman does not detonate any materials and as such a high level of assurance can be expected and achieved. The PRIED is completely eye-safe utilising Alakai’s patented Stimulation Aversion techniques. Alakai has focused its design effort to ensure that the PRIED’s design and UV RAMAN technology implementation deliver safe and highly effective explosive stand-off detection.


  • Stand-off Detection – get farther away from the threat toxic chemicals or blast
  • Speed – detect faster, farther & safer
  • Eye-safe- certified as zero-meter eye and skin hazard without eye protection.
  • Exploitation – Classification and real time specific identification; fastest survey and assessment
  • Counter-Explosives/Force Protection – military, commercial, and home made explosives (HME)
  • Counter-Weapons of mass destruction/CBRN – chemical warfare agents, nuclear weapon processing & disablement.
  • Counter-Narcotics – heroin, cocaine, meth manufacturing
  • Solid, liquid, and some gas detection
  • Not ITAR restricted and ready for export