Syclone Handheld Radiation Detection System

The Syclone Handheld Radiation Detection System is one of the most accurate portable gamma spectrometers available. It quickly detects and accurately identifies gamma and neutron sources in the field despite rugged terrain, inclement weather and other difficult conditions. The Syclone is lightweight, rugged and specifically designed for field applications where harsh environments may be encountered. The Syclone utilises easy to read and follow menus. The large backlit display shows real-time count, count rate and dose rate in numeric and graphic format, with audio feedback for eyes-free operation. The Syclone contains high-capacity internal memory which allows large amounts of data to be stored by record number, date and time.

  • Search and find modes
  • Rate meter
  • Dose rates
  • Accumulated dose rate
  • Neutron detection (optional)
  • Large isotope library
  • Light weight
  • Battery Operated
  • Large Back light display
  • 4 position joystick
  • Easy to follow menus
  • Large internal memory