Safe Sampling and Multiplexing Indicator (SSAMI)

The Biothreat Diagnostic Safe Sampling Multiplexing Indicator (SSAMI) is a multi-use pre-screening device designed to quickly evaluate a variety of surfaces, in trace, powder, or liquid forms in the field or laboratory. These tests require no power, no calibration, no maintenance, can be used by those with limited skills, and are extremely lightweight.

Biothreat Detection Use:  The BD-SSAMI provides rapid testing for ‘white powder’ incidents. The device is used to directly sample powders, surfaces, or liquids using an integrated sponge.  Up to twelve immunoassay strips are run simultaneously from the sample giving results for twelve biothreat agents in just fifteen minutes. A second sample is retained in the device which can be used for confirmatory testing or laboratory analysis.

Testing Made Simple: The surface sampling device (SSD) is coupled with a Lateral Flow Strip Test Assembly Container (LF-STAC). The SSD is common to all contaminated surface sampling and can be used to sample biological agents, chemical agents, explosives, narcotics, and other pathogens. It comprises a pre-moistened sponge that is used to collect the sample. Once returned to the housing, the sample is safely contained and allows ‘no contamination’ transfer of at least 1.8 mls sample to be injected into the LF-STAC. The LF-STAC, containing up to 12 threat detectors, will then analyze and display the results. A second sample is retained in the SSD which can be used for confirmatory testing in a second LF-STAC, retained for further laboratory analysis, or safely stored as evidence.  The LF-STAC can be configured to customer requirements.