CeBeR Multi-Purpose Wipe

CeBeR Multi-Purpose Wipe (CeBeR MPW) is intended for military use. It is a self-contained, low cost chemical and biological decontamination wipe that is simple to use and carry. The CeBeR MPW is packaged as a kit that consists of an outer package containing five (5) individually packaged moistened wipes (20 x 25 cm).

The wipe and patented chemistry are also designed to inactivate vegetative bacterium, fungi and viruses. The proprietary decontaminant solution which moistens the CeBeR wipe is tested for use on skin and safe for direct skin contact. 

The CeBeR MPW has been proven effective for removal of surface contamination. Ready to use product assures instant availability when needed for chemical or biological decontamination.


Use CeBeR Multi-Purpose Wipe for immediate and operational decontamination of chemical and biological agents on hard surfaces in military applications. The CeBeR MPW can be used for daily personal hygiene.

Features and Benefits:

  • Efficacy – Extensive live agent, simulant and surrogate testing (performed by the US Department of Defense and independent labs) has indicated that CeBeR removes chemical and biological agents as well as, or better than, soap and water or bleach from both surfaces and skin, without damage or irritation. Live agents tested include Bacillus anthracis, HD and VX.
  • Safety – CeBeR chemistry has been designed specifically to be dermatologically non-irritating. Daily use has shown to maintain skin quality by providing moisturisation of the skin equal to a skin care lotion.
  • Logistical profile – Because most war fighters already carry wipes for personal hygiene, replacing these with CeBeR MPWs that can also serve as a chemical and biological decontaminant increases functionality while imposing no additional burden in personal gear. The flexible kit easily fits and conforms to uniform pockets.
  • Dual use potential – The product is highly effective for daily hygiene and also for immediate chemical and biological decontamination. Additionally, for mass casualty decon, the CeBeR MPW is a cost effective alternative to large volumes of soap and water.
  • Materials Compatibility – The CeBeR MPW formulation was evaluated by the US Department of Defense for materials compatibility against 20 substrates considered to be high and medium priority materials of military significance. Results showed that CeBeR has excellent compatibility under typical use.