CBR Multi-Purpose Wipe

The CBR Multi-Purpose Wipe is the ready-to-use solution for removal of surface contamination and debris. The proprietary chemistry was originally developed for the healthcare industry for its
antiseptic properties. Now it is combined with a unique wipe to aid in the removal of contaminants. This same chemistry is used in the US military M334 wipe system for the removal of chemical and biological agents from surfaces.

  • Simple and Fast – Sized for a gloved hand and ready to be used directly from the packet.
  • Convenient – Packaged in cartons of 50 packets containing individually wetted wipes.
  • Reliable – Easily stored in vehicles, incident command stations or supply bags for quick access.
  • Dependable – Storage temperature from -31 to 71°C with a five year shelf life.
  • Safe – Developed for repeated daily use on skin using enhanced emollients to provide moisture to skin.
  • Compatible – Decontaminates sensitive and critical equipment to maintain operability and protection.
Performance Requirement F3C SANI Wipes Performance Assessment
Chemical Decontamination > 90% reduction of chemical agents on most surfaces
Radiological Decontamination Removes powders, including radiological contamination, from surfaces
Toxic Industrial Chemical/Toxic Industrial Material Decontamination Removes TIC/TIMs from surfaces
Decon Application Time Decontamination can be accomplished in less than 5 minutes.