Multi Mode Threat Detector (MMTD)

The Multi Mode Threat Detector (MMTD) takes portable threat detection to a new level without compromising portability or functionality. Designed to IP54 rating for operation in extreme environmental conditions, the MMTD is a rugged, portable hand-held system for the rapid detection and identification of explosives, narcotics or CWA/TICs, featuring an optimised detection capability for peroxides, taggants and methamphetamine precursors.

Four operating modes are available, including a dual mode setting for simultaneous detection of explosives and narcotics from one sample. Operators can also quickly switch between particle or vapor analysis methods to utilize the best method for detecting the suspected threat.

Other features include up to five hours of uninterrupted operation with two hot‑swappable batteries; remote, unattended operation for one or more units with alarm and status information reported to Command & Control via Wi-Fi/Ethernet; unlimited data storage via SD card; and USB port for exporting results. The included software allows advanced operators to perform more in-depth data analyses and print results via network connection.

The Multi Mode Threat Detector is for anyone who needs a handheld system to detect a broad range of threats. Its tough exterior design is ideal for the soldier on the front line and the security agent working in harsh elements (e.g.Border/Ports). Its wide range threat detection capability and portability makes it ideal for aviation, special event and border security. The MMTD is powered by Smiths Detection proven Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technology, trusted by the military, law enforcement and government agencies worldwide.