EPD Mk2+ (Electronic Personal Dosimeter)

Emergency Services personnel and First Responders need to constantly monitor their exposure to potentially harmful radiation. Thermo Scientific EPD Mk2+(Electronic Personal Dosimeter) monitors exposure to ionising radiation in real time and emits both audible and visual alarms so that personnel can react quickly when an acceptable dose rate level is exceeded. Thermo Scientific EPD Mk2+ combines unequalled radiological performance with advanced software and hardware features.

The EPD Mk2+ electronic personal dosimeter is perfect for organisations, utilities, agencies, and research laboratories to monitor employee dose and dose rates. The Mk2+ also boasts a ruggedised battery cap and an improved display. The unit is powered by a single standard AA cell, either 1.5V alkaline or 3.6V Lithium Thionyl Chloride for maximum battery life. Pre-use integrity checks may be initiated over the IR (Infra-Red) communications link as part of the EPD Issue process of access control or dosimetry management systems.


  • Excellent response to gamma, beta, and X-radiation.
  • Single stand-alone dosimeter or part of a comprehensive dosimetry management system, such as webREMS or ViewPoint Enterprise.
  • Advanced radiological performance, 15keV to 10MeV, in a small, lightweight design.
  • Most complete dosimeter per IAEA Active Personal Dosimeter Intercomparison study IAEA-TECDOC-1564.
  • Multi-detector technology.
  • Excellent power management and battery monitoring.
  • Loud configurable audible alarm.
  • Excellent immunity to electromagnetic interference.
  • Easy-to-read display with optional backlight.
  • Rugged battery cap and enhanced clip retention.
  • Reliable LCD and case.