GROUNDSHARK Handheld Dual Sensor GPR

GROUNDSHARK Handheld Dual Sensor GPR is a high performance, versatile handheld buried-anomaly detector that can be utilised for a variety of different tasks and scenarios. The user-friendly system is comprised of a two channel ground penetrating radar (GPR) paired with Minelab’s electromagnetic induction-based metal detector (MD) sensor in a co-located configuration.

With the fully integrated NIITEK GPR, the detection, location, and visualisation of buried objects, both metallic and non-metallic, is now possible in a commercial detection system. This detector system provides outstanding GPR and MD performance for buried object location and subsurface inspection and visualisation. The GROUNDSHARK is the first commercial, dual technology detector which combines advanced signal processing and user-friendly software that is capable of detection, discrimination, and identification of metal targets in challenging soil conditions with it bundled in a lightweight, portable, cost-effective package.


  • High performance detection of buried objects including: metallic/low-metallic with discrimination and non-metallic including plastic and wood
  • Visualisation of subsurface to include ground/asphalt/cement layers
  • Optimised performance on changing and uneven terrain without recalibration
  • Rapid proficiency/ease-of-use to minimise training time