SN 50 Decon

The SN 50 Decon is a petrol-powered thermo aerosol generator that applies active agents for the decontamination, disinsectisation and disinfection of interior spaces and surfaces. Due to its low weight and easy operation, the unit can be deployed by a single person.

The SN 50 Decon works with various aqueous solutions and can be used to decontaminate, disinsect and disinfect interior spaces and surfaces following contamination with hazardous biological or chemical substances. The device can spray up to 30 metres and runs on petrol. Thanks to the integrated combustion chamber, with a full tank the SN 50 Decon can be operated completely independently for approximately 30 minutes. Users can also vary the size of the pulverised particles with the special mist nozzle, enabling them to spray agent into even the tiniest holes and corners, for thorough disinfection or disinsectisation.

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