RedWave Technology InterceptIR

Rapid gas identification for unmanned systems.

Warfighters and responders face myriad unknown and unseen threats that often require personnel to confront life-threatening situations. Remote chemical threat detection can be used for screening large areas before sending personnel in, gaining access to seemingly hardto-reach areas, and establishing safety perimeters. The integration of the InterceptIR onto remote platforms now allows operators to sense, screen, and move safely into seemingly inaccessible environments. InterceptIR was designed for integration onto a variety of robotic platforms using the provided power and communication. This pairs the gas identification capability of the InterceptIR with the remote control features of the unmanned system, providing safer site characterization.

The InterceptIR has a low SWaP (Size Weight and Power) payload and the ability to identify over 5,600 gases and vapors autonomously, making it ideal for identifying threats in real-time without risking human life. With its widely used and accepted JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) messaging, the InterceptIR API can easily integrate into a variety of communication platforms.

Key InterceptIR Attributes:

  • Automated atmospheric compensation
  • 4 second response time
  • ID up to 6 components simultaneously
  • Expandable identification library
  • Part-per-million sensitivity
  • Environments posing a risk to human life
  • Booby-trapped facilities
  • Sniper covered areas
  • Impassable terrain
  • Aerial surveillance Connectivity
  • Hardwired (USB serial)
  • JSON protocol for robotics integration
  • Integration with ATAK (in development)
  • Control from remote locations
  • Autonomous operation
  • Extreme weather conditions (IP-54)
  • Shock and vibration resistance