Bertin Technologies GammaTRACER SPIDER

GammaTRACER SPIDER, a gamma probe designed for emergency response and enabling a fast deployment in the critical area with minimum human intervention. Data is transmitted via proprietary UHF radio or satellite.

This autonomous gamma probe is specially designed to cover the needs of first responders in an emergency scenario. Based on the proven GammaTRACER design, the GammaTRACER Spider radiation monitor provides reliable measurement of the gamma dose rate and wireless data transmission to the crisis center by using SkyLINK/ShortLINK radio or Iridium satellite modem.

As public telecom infrastructure might be affected by overload or wide-ranging power breakdown, GammaTRACER is the solution for emergency applications. The compact design and innovative easy deployable system enclosure facilitate deployment & radiation monitoring in a short period of time, which is particularly important for emergency use and roll-out in contaminated areas. Exposure to personnel can thus be significantly reduced.

Easy to deploy:

With its ultra-compact system, the GammaTRACER Spider is very simple to deploy, and provides maximum protection for first responders.

Emergency solution:

Emergency-proof communication options SkyLINK/ShortLINK radio (up to 100 km/60 miles) or satellite modem (Iridium) make it a good solution for emergency applications.

Autonomous system:

Its rechargeable battery (up to four years of operation), built-in GPS and wide measurement range (20 nSv/h to 10 Sv/h) make it perfectly suited to the very fast extension of monitoring networks (in combination with other GammaTRACER or SpectroTRACER probes for instance).