MT94 Multi-Threat CBRN Garment

The LION MT94 Multi-Threat CBRN Garment provides vapour, liquid, and flame resistant protection for chem/bio incidents and is certified to meet NFPA 1994/Class 2 and NFPA 1992. The MT94 guards against exposure to hazardous waste, drug labs, biological threats, and domestic terrorism agents.

Rugged GORE CHEMPAK Ultra Barrier fabric features thin, lightweight, and high-strength PTFE (polytetrafluouroethylene) film sandwiched within tough DuPont Nomex outer and inner layers.

  • Streamlined design and light weight deliver optimum comfort and natural freedom of movement
  • Rugged construction allows you to perform in the most challenging of circumstances
  • Re-usable for multiple wears and washings, if not exposed or contaminated
  • Certified for use with Gore G9492 gloves and OnGuard HAZMAX 87012 Boots
  • Navy or tan colour
  • Hook and loop belt loops to hold equipment belt securely
  • ID patches on chest and shoulders for hook and loop mounted badges
  • Roomy thigh pockets
  • Hook and loop wrist and leg cuff adjustments for secure fit
  • NTOA Member tested and recommended