Sample Collection Kit

The Sample Collection Kit is a modular, flexible and easy to use solution designed for hazmat responders, military, police or forensic personnel to collect samples potentially containing chemical, biological, and radiological threat agents, including chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial materials and toxins. The kit is built upon the experience from the critical international missions in Iraq, Libya and Syria. It enables collection of all kinds of liquid, solid, wipe, gas/vapor and aerosol samples, coming from environmental, bulk or food sources.

The sampling tools are carefully selected based on actual field experience. Majority of tools are amenable to decontamination and can be re-used, if deemed necessary. The tools come in the traceable, sealed modules, with certificate of cleanliness for evidence collection cases. The modules are packed per sample types, containing enough of sampling tools for collection of number of samples. Modular concept of the sampling kit provides for flexibility and easy adjustment of the kit composition in accordance with the number and nature of the samples foreseen for the sampling event.