MESMER Counter Drone Solution

MESMER Counter Drone Solution is a revolutionary commercial platform developed by Department 13 (D13). MESMER utilises sophisticated detection and mitigation strategies that automatically identify, stop, redirect, land, or take total control of a target drone or other radio-controlled device.  MESMER RF protocol manipulation takes advantage of weaknesses inherent in digital radio protocols.  MESMER’s flexibility allows it to operate as a stand-alone system, or to work in tandem with other hardware solutions.  MESMER is designed for both commercial and defence/security organisations to deal with the emerging threat of autonomous systems. The counter-drone solution incorporates D13’s innovative technologies and extensive operational experience.

MESMER recognises unique radio signal features and other communication meta-data to select and apply strategies that curtail drone threats, unlike other systems that use radio jamming and standard electronic mitigation techniques. MESMER’s protocol manipulation is low-power, operating below 1 watt and within  A/NZ regulatory (ACMA/RSM) constraints.

Low power is an advantage because it only affects targeted radio­controlled devices — not non-targeted communication signals in the vicinity.
At D13, we understand that threats, constraints and user requirements will continuously evolve as drones, and other autonomous devices, are implemented in the real world. That is why, instead of a purpose­built hardware solution approach, D13 has designed MESMER to use protocol manipulation to handle even the most complex scenarios. MESMER Counter Drone Solution provides our clients with a powerful and flexible counter-drone solution.