DroneCannon RW

Mobility: Static | Capability: Mitigate – Jamming/EA

DroneCannon RW offers a lightweight, soft kill, drone jamming solution for use on remote weapon stations. The System module will force drones (single or swarm attack) into a fail-safe mode where they will either hover or slowly descend. This function will allow the operator to utilise a kinetic weapon or other mounted equipment to more easily neutralize the target. Included DroneShield jamming technology has been developed specifically for drone mitigation, offering a effective response to an urgent threat.

DroneCannon RW has been engineered specifically for mobile operations, incorporating a lightweight chassis and optimised electronics with shock and vibration isolators to endure the most demanding terrain. The DroneCannon RW module has been designed for use on any remote weapons station.

Benfits of DroneCannon RW:

  • Rugged and Lightweight: Optimised for mobile operations including effective shock and vibration dampening.
  • Rapid installation and Servicing: Rapid installation with no special tools or equipment required.
  • Extended Range: Enhanced 500 Meter jamming range for 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz and GNSS.
  • Swarm Ready: The system will engage and neutralise a swarm of multiple drones simultaneously.
  • Dust and Water Management: Dual layer, flow-through, dust and water mitigation.