Mobility: Mobile/Vehicle | Capability: Detect

DroneSentry-X is a cross-vehicle compatible, automated 360° detect and defeat device. It is suitable for mobile operations with roof mounted sensors that can be automatically or manually activated to disrupt drone activity. DroneSentry-X offers the user real-time situational awareness while moving, with the ability to automatically counter drone threats detected by the system. The device can alternatively be deployed at a fixed site or as a temporary pop-up solution, with on site or remote operator access.

DroneSentry-X provides detection of drones and protection in all directions, with the included digital control panel and display mounted for operator access.

Benefits of DroneSentry-X

  • Integrated Detect & Defeat: Dual capability built into the one unit
  • Durable Construction: DroneSentry-X is designed to meet military durability standards, with resistance to shock, weather and UV exposure
  • Swarm Defense: 360° of drone disruption protects the vehicle from multi drone threats (swarms)
  • Mobile or Fixed System: Can be installed as a temporary or fixed system
  • Cost Effective Solution: Lower cost solution compared to fixed site DroneSentry systems