Mobility: Mobile/Vehicle | Capability: Detect

DroneSentry integrates DroneShield’s suite of sensors and countermeasures in a unified platform deployable in permanent or temporary installations. Incorporating RadarOne radar, RFOne RF detectors, and DroneOpt cameras, Sentry correlates available data for users and provides maximum situational awareness and the quickest response to airborne threats. DroneSentry also includes the DroneCannon RF countermeasure, providing an end-to-end detection and response capability.
It is the ideal protection solution for critical locations and installations.

Benefits of DroneSentry

  • Integrated Detect and Defeat Solution: Automatically detects and disables incoming drone threats
  • Anti-Swarming Capability: Effectively disables multiple incoming drone threats within its effective range
  • Modular: A compact design allows for effective transport and assembly
  • Durable: Weather-resistant and rugged design protects the technology in harsh environments