Mobility: Static | Capability: Detect

RfZero is an omni-directional drone detection installation that is ideal for small to medium sized sites. With a single RfZero, a prison or government building is alerted to drone activity in the immediate area. it is lightweight and cost effective with the option of either temporary or permanent installation. This drone detector can integrate with the DroneShieldComplete GUI providing the user with live site monitoring capabilities and effective drone identification. Drone detections are securely logged for evidence collection. The RfZero can integrate with on-site server or secure cloud based server for the purpose of updates and data logging. It can also integrate with DroneShield countermeasures.

Features of RfZero:

  • Mast or Tripod Mountable: The system is appropriate for temporary or permanent installation
  • Military Grade Connectors: Ensures uninterrupted operation in a wide range of use scenarios
  • Designed to IP67: The system is suitable for installation in harsh environments
  • Fully Self Contained Unit: The device only requires power and network connection, with the option to power remotely via BB2590/BA5590 batteries