SCORPION Portable Electronic Countermeasure (ECM)

SCORPION Portable Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) is a flexible and powerful jamming solution to support foot patrols and EOD Operators from the threat of Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs). Rapidly configurable, the SCORPION system can be tailored to meet specific mission requirements in a matter of minutes. Providing full threat band coverage, SCORPION combines advanced electronic countermeasure technologies and modular packaging to offer comprehensive protection and portability.

The prevalence and severity of RCIEDs demands maximum protection for those operating in increasingly harsh RF environments. Allen Vanguard is a world leader in Electronic Countermeasure solutions against the continued and evolving threat of RCIEDs. The SCORPION ECM solution is capable of providing comprehensive protection whilst allowing EOD assets to operate in close proximity.

The use of appropriate ECM equipment puts the users in control, forms a safety blanket around the potential target area and provides a safe working area for operations personnel. SCORPION provides effective protection and can be customised to a variety of situations including military foot patrols, VIP protection, EOD carry forward and special response teams. The SCORPION  technology has been extensively field proven in the world’s main IED combat theatres and by bomb technicians in many major cities.

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