BlackBIRD – Blast Incident Reconnaissance Device

BlackBIRD Blast Incident Reconnaissance Device is a Vehicle Mounted Blast Data Acquisition System.  The BlackBIRD system is an important breakthrough in the effort to improve vehicle and crew survivability by collecting and quantifying real time, in-theatre data on the conditions present during a blast event. The blast event data gathered by BlackBIRD can be downloaded for precise analysis by survivability engineers, scientists, the medical community and other stakeholders. For an even more complete analysis, multiple units of this remarkably small device can be affixed inside and outside of the vehicle without significant installation or retrofit implications. The data collected also provides an unprecedented empirical validation of blasts conducted in controlled test conditions.

Operational Capability:

  • Vehicle mounted instrument that detects, measures and records the accelerations and overpressure effects of blast on the vehicle and its crew
  • Self-powered, wireless deployment (Blackbox concept)
  • Data recorded from blast events can be quickly and easily downloaded via USB to build a database of blast-induced accelerations, velocities and pressures
  • For use in correlating actual IED effects on the vehicle and injuries suffered by crew in order to enhance vehicle and crew survivability


  • Tri-axial cluster of accelerometers measure explosively-induced linear accelerations (+/- 1000g) in the front-back (x-axis), left-right (y-axis), and up-down (z-axis) directions
  • Recordings triggered at 50 G
  • Pressure sensor to track blast peak overpressure (17 Bar Max)
  • Re-chargeable Lithium power – 180 day storage/use period

Download Datasheet