Blast Attenuation Seats – Driver

MED-ENG provides customised Blast Attenuation Seats – Driver to protect tracked and wheeled combat vehicle drivers by isolating them from the effects upon a vehicle from a roadside IED or mine.

Depending upon the vehicle, the Driver Blast Attenuation Seats are configured to fit to the ceiling, wall or floor to meet specific requirements. Each model integrates with an optional vehicle-based personnel cooling system and blast sensors for a more complete crew survivability solution. Wherever possible, MED-ENG recommends its floor-mounted Foot Protection System to avoid serious injury to feet and lower limbs from blasts.


  • Customised for installation in: LTWV, HMMWV, Eagle, Tur2, IFV, Stryker, LAV, PIII, Rosomak, MRAP Wheeled Vehicle, MLRS, M113, CV90, Abrams, Boxter, Puma (tracked)
  • Recoverable Energy Attenuation System to protect against both the initial and ‘slam down’ phases of a blast
  • Adherence to NATO STANAG 4569, which defines critical injury criteria for the neck, spine and legs
  • Optional Air Ride, to reduce the over road load on driver
  • Optional adjustable Reclining Back form to allow the driver to reach controls properly and to fold flat to enable casualty evacuation ‘casevac’ in case of an emergency situation
  • Fore, Aft and height adjustment to suit mission profile
  • Accommodates 5th percentile female to 95th percentile male
  • Multiple use
  • Adjustable Head Rest
  • Seat fabrics selected for Health and Safety, as well as comfort
  • 4 and 5 point seatbelt configurations (5 point recommended) using All Belts To Seat design for safety
  • Seats meet FMVSS and ECE requirements