LCG Military Vest Liquid Cooling Garment

LCG Military Vest Liquid Cooling Garment delivers the cooling required by vehicle crew members to maintain optimal levels of physical and mental performance. The LCG removes metabolic heat and reduces the effects of external environmental heat. It is engineered to evenly distribute active cooling to supplement the body’s natural capabilities.

The LCG Cooling Vest is engineered to circulate chilled water throughout multiple circuits of tubing for optimal personal cooling, allowing the user to maintain focus when in extreme heat conditions. This military vest fits comfortably, covering the torso where the largest quantity of heat transfer occurs.  The LCG Cooling Vest combines with MED-ENG Thermal Management Chillers to combat heat stress and to create a superior, integrated personal cooling system (PLCU and ALCU).


  • Increase exposure time by mitigating heat stress
  • Manufactured with Kermel fabric for flame resistance
  • Snug design permits complete physical mobility
  • Over 50 000 vests fielded