Hot-Formed Toyota LandCruiser 200

Hot-Formed Toyota LandCruiser 200 is available in various specification levels, and as such can be used as a VIP vehicle or as a staff protection vehicle in a variety of hostile environments. Toyota have launched for 2012 the STD specification, a vehicle designed for the most demanding environments. The STD is fitted with swing out rear doors and simplified electrical and mechanical systems.

Ground-breaking Hot Formed Armour Technology
Jankel are developing the ground-breaking hot forming armour technology on the 200 Series, whereby large numbers of flat pieces of armour that are welded together are replaced by larger shaped pieces.

The key advantages of the hot-formed armour system to the customer are as follows:-

  • 80% reduction in number of armour components increases overall structural rigidity and subsequent protection
  • Circa 20% weight saving over conventional armouring which is used to increase the ballistic and blast protection levels offered by the vehicle
  • Reduced purchase prices and delivery periods through reduced production times

Led by a passion for engineering and eye for creative design, every Jankel product solves a particular challenge. Jankel built its expertise through a combination of testing, simulation and in theatre experience and as a result have proven and dependable solutions in service the world over.