BRINC Ball – The Next Gen Throw Phone

The BRINC BALL is a two-way communication device designed for de-escalation and negotiation for first responders. It is a very durable and shock-resistant device with a microphone and speaker, providing reliable communication in emergency situations. It works just like a cell phone – call the phone number associated with the BALL’s SIM card, and speak first.

With BRINC BALL, you can establish and maintain open communications for a successful resolution. It is quick to deploy and simple to operate, requiring no app or complicated commands to use. It is built to last, with a 10-foot drop-resistant design and a battery life of 24 hours talk time and 5 days standby time.

BRINC BALL is designed for your everyday needs, with a streamlined on/off switch, secured SIM slot, and standard USB-C charging port. Its internal electronics are encased in a shock-absorbing resin material to protect the internal speaker, mic, and other electronics.

The BALL is tamper-resistant, extremely durable, water-resistant, and operates remotely. It can be easily operated with a set of pre-defined SMS commands to control volume, microphone, check battery status, view GPS location, and more. Each BRINC BALL is equipped with a GPS receiver, providing you with the ability to track coordinates at all times.

The design, construction, and manufacturing of BRINC BALL has been pushed to the extreme for maximum durability. From drop tests to impact tests, each BALL is built to last. With simplified controls and no training needed, the BALL keeps you focused on your task and provides reliable communication in critical situations.

Order now and experience the durability and reliability of BRINC BALL – the two-way communication device designed for first responders.