CT-MultiPTT 3C

The CT-MultiPTT 3C has been developed to answer the requirements of complex mission situations. The CT-MultiPTT 3C is a central operation and control unit, which can simultaneously coordinate three independent communication circuits. Full duplex, simultaneous “radio traffic” is possible on all channels. Alternatively, a connection via Bluetooth® is possible, e.g. to a cell phone. The communication system has protection class IP66 and IP68 and fulfills the military standard MIL-STD-810G. The communicaiton system alo feature the CeoTronics CT-ComLink® technology.

About CT-ComLink®

It is a product-independent technology that combines state-of-the art signal transmission with robust hardware. This gives users maximum flexibility when selecting headsets. For example, in-ear headsets, high-noise headsets and helmet systems for high-noise areas can be connected. The combination of an extremely robust connector with emergency break-away function, which detaches at a defined pull force, and CT-ComLink® technology allows connected headsets or radios to be recognised and the optimal audio configuration for perfect voice transmission to be configured. The CT-ComLink® technology also regulates the energy supply. The CT-MultiPTT 3C require very little energy thanks to the latest circuit technology and can draw all the power it needs, for example, from the connected radio equipment. Thanks to CT power management an optimised and long-lasting system runtime is guaranteed for all connected components.