CT-DECT EOD Digital Wireless Communications System

CT-DECT EOD Digital Wireless Communications System. For teams working in EOD and Counter-IED environments, reliable radio communication can be crucial. CeoTronics has developed specialised, professional CT-DECT solutions for EOD and Counter-IED teams. All communication are wireless and full-duplex. The send/receive headset is either built into the EOD helmet or worn directly in the ear.

The duplex communication mode means the EOD technician has both hands free to focus on the task. The transmitting power is safe and averages a 10 mW (only in send burst mode may the transmitting power briefly increase to 250 mW). The transmit frequency is between 1880 MHz and 1900 MHz, and the communication range is up to 300m. 

The 5-User Stand Alone System configuration consists of enough equipment to allow up to 5 users with the option of the 5th user having access to the communication network.