Multi PPT Communications System

The Multi PPT Communications System is based on the CT-ClipCom Digital, the communications systems for soldiers and specialist units from the German Armed Forces. This technology is continuously developed by CeoTronics engineers and adjusted to the individual requirements of military deployment.

The Multi PPT is a comfortable, helmet-independent communications system that is well-suited to being worn under close-fitting headgear. Thanks to the systematic use of digital technology, all of the sophisticated electronics for the MIL model have been integrated into a small casing made from milled aluminium.

Despite miniaturisation, the communications system satisfies the highest military specifications for electromagnetic compatibility and other mechanical and climatic properties. The user controls are also certified to the IP67 protection class, and thus both dust-tight and securely protected against strong water jets. The send/receive system meets requirements for the IP54 protection class, and has been successfully tested for both dust and splash water protection.