MD4 General Purpose Hand Held Metal Detector

The detection capabilities of the MD3000 Multi-Purpose Metal Detector allow the operator to locate small targets and to gauge the depth and size of objects such as victim operated switches. The MD4 General Purpose Hand Held Metal Detector can be used in counter improvised device operations, counter terrorist search operations, crime scene investigation and post blast scene investigation.

MD4 is self calibrating with operator zeroing function. When used as a detection tool for crime scene investigation the smallest pieces of metal can be located.  The probe design allows the MD4 to be used in scrub and hedge rows and may also be used in water. The MD4 used 4 x C cell batteries giving approximately 18 hours continuous use and is supplied in a ruggedised Peli-Hardigg Storm 3100 transit case.

The Guartel Technologies MD4 Metal Detector is designed for use in:

  • Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) operations
  • Counter Terrorist Search (CTS) operations
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Post Blast Scene Investigation