MF5 Metal and Conductive Target Detector

Minelab’s unique Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Digital technology results in the MF5 providing superior detection capabilities by combining the advantages of Pulse Induction and Continuous Wave technologies. It is a lightweight and compact detector designed for operator comfort and ease of use. It is suitable for Non-Government Organisations (NGO) and military clearance operations.

The MF5 is supplied as a Detecting Set comprising:

  • MF5 Detector
  • Earset
  • Carry Bag
  • Test Piece
  • Hard Transit Case
  • Operations Manual
  • C cell Batteries (Alkaline or NiMH x 4)
  • Field Guide

The MF5 detects metal and conductive targets, including fine wires and carbon rods. It provides indications of ferrous and non-ferrous targets, carbon rods, and fine wires. It is able to detect targets in all types of soil, regardless of mineralised content, and can operate in environments of high electrical interference.