Xpose Lightweight Handheld Density Meter

The SASRAD Xpose Lightweight Handheld Density Meter is used typically for contraband search. It provides a quick and efficient way to detect contraband hidden in vehicles, walls and containers.  The Xpose has been designed to differentiate the density between surfaces where contraband material may have been stowed. Xpose is simple to operate; by pressing the search activation buttons, located on either side of the device, Xpose powers on and measures the relative density of the object under observation.

The Xpose is significantly smaller – about 30% lighter than any other density meter.

  • Miniaturization of internal components enables greatly reduced size and weight while improving detection capability with the latest in technological innovation.
  • In addition to the 400 x 240 pixel Video-graphic display which is visible under all lighting conditions, including bright sunlight – the XPOSE also has density/time graphing capability – which is exclusive to XPOSE
  • USB or Bluetooth connection to remote display, extension arms or computer.



  • Large detector for faster response and increased penetration
  • 6.35 cm LCD display with density-time graphing and digital output
  • Ergonomic one-hand, OneTouch operation
  • USB or Bluetooth wireless connection to remote graphical display and extension arm
  • 3.5mm stereo headset jack for use in noisy environments or stealth operation
  • Ruggedised for use in industrial and outdoor environments water resistant to IPV 56
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Built-in test and remote display functions