The Osprey-UVX is an undercarriage X-ray backscatter inspection system providing advanced scanning for Privately Owned Vehicles (POV) and Commercial vehicles. This X-ray system will provide agents and officers with a view of the vehicle that no other inspection tool can provide. By enabling a more comprehensive and accurate process, the Osprey-UVX produces a larger percentage of contraband seizures and the best opportunity to find vehicle-borne concealment, including explosive devices or narcotics without physically interrogating undercarriage vehicle components.

Osprey-UVX  is versatile vehicle checkpoint solutions that can be used iny plenty of applications, including:

  • Embassies and Government Facilities
  • Critical Infrastrucures
  • Defence Infrastructures

The Osprey detection capability can be supported by the NightHawk for an hand-held X Ray Solution.

Download Viken Handheld Backscatter Comparison