RTR-5 Portable X-ray System

The RTR-5 Portable X-ray System is a next-generation system for detecting explosives, weapons and other contraband. Utilising a computed radiography (CR) plate and a unique digital radiography (DR) scanning system, the RTR-5 supports rapid deployment in extremely tight spaces and near realtime acquisition of multiple images from a single approach.

A powerful, versatile system
The RTR-5 Portable X-ray System is designed to help law enforcement, military, customs and security personnel search for explosives, weapons, narcotics and other contraband. The system can reveal the contents of parcels, baggage, boxes and crates, vehicle tires and body panels, aircraft walls and wings, building walls and many other targets. The RTR-5 system can be a valuable aid in assessing and defusing improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and unexploded ordnance (UXO) by helping personnel evaluate objects from a safe distance and identify the best method for defeat or disposal. The system can also be an effective tool for non-destructive inspection of hardware components, assemblies and structures.

Designed for use in the field
The RTR-5 system consists of a lightweight, compact flat panel imager and X-ray source that are positioned on opposite sides of the target object, plus a notebook or tablet computer for controlling the system and analysing images. The RTR-5 combines the advantages of near real-time DR with the image quality of CR phosphor imaging in a lightweight, flat panel imager. The hybrid DR/CR imager delivers fast viewing, no image degradation and easy image analysis and management. The system can be used in tight quarters, right down to ground level. The flat panel imager is easy to manually move into position and can be mounted on bomb-disposal robots for remote operation.

System Components
X-ray Source: Standard 150KVP Golden Engineering source can penetrate more than 13mm of steel. Penetration up to 25mm of steel is achievable with higher power sources. A 40º beam angle enables close up operation. RTR-5 is also compatible with continuous wave X-ray sources.
Controller: A standard Windows notebook, Toughbook or tablet computer supports system control and image analysis. Leidos’ powerful database and image processing software is available in many languages.
Transport Case: The RTR-5 system is shipped with a rugged, weather-resistant Pelican case and heavy-duty padding with cut-outs to store the imager and stand, X-ray source, controller, cable reel, wireless module and extra batteries. An optional backpack carrier is available for operations where increased mobility is desired.