ABL 2000 Recoilless Disruptor

The ABL 2000 Recoilless Disruptor has been developed to offer highly effective disruption performance combined with completely recoilless operation. It is typically used to defeat devices packaged in parcels, boxes, briefcases etc.

In contrast to many other competing equipment, the ABL 2000 Recoilless Disruptor has been carefully devised to ensure that its operation provides optimal disruptive effect while minimising the chance of initiating the explosive content of the suspect device. This unique ability has been developed through a series of formal tests against representative targets, sensitive explosives and pressure measuring systems.

Additionally, ABL 2000 has been carefully designed to be simple to operate – consisting of only 5 parts which can be assembled quickly and easily even in adverse conditions. Careful consideration has been given to features such as thread pitches and finishes to minimise difficulties with assembly in dirty and sandy environments. The supplied ABL 2000 cleaning kit ensures ease of cleaning after use, enabling contamination to be quickly and effectively removed.

Product Capabilities

  • Manual multi-shot device capable of thousands of firings without impacting performance
  • Light, robust and easy to operate
  • Recoilless operation maximises operator safety and prevents collateral damage
  • Requires minimal training and maintenance

Product Specifications

  • Constructed from precision-manufactured corrosion resistant materials developed in accordance with ABP’s IS09001 quality approval system
  • Flaw detected and proofed during manufacture
  • Supplied as a complete kit housed in a robust, shock-resistant container or in a holdall style container.

The ABL 2000 is a 'general purpose' Recoilless Disruptor designed as a dual role equipment to render safe IEDs found in containers such as brief cases or similar sized packages.