Limpet Mine Disposal Equipment LMDE

The Limpet Mine Disposal Equipment (LMDE) comprises of a disruptor system mounted in a stand which is attached to the hull or structure using magnets. The LMDE is diver deployable and has buoyancy blocks fitted to the stand to assist carrying and placement.

The system would normally be prepared on deck or land then positioned adjacent to the target. Once in position the stand has features to allow the barrel to be accurately adjusted and positioned against the target.

In operation, the LMDE projects a “slug” of water at high velocity into the target. This water penetrates the box of the target and disrupts the explosive filling and detonation mechanism providing a high degree of confidence that detonation will be avoided. The energy required to project the water is derived from an electrically initiated power cartridge.

The power cartridge may be initiated from a safe distance either on land or the ship’s deck using an electronic exploder such as ABP’s Minex.

The Limpet Mine Disposal Equipment is manufactured from corrosion resistant materials throughout, the stand being of hard anodised aluminium and stainless steel construction. The disruptor is of stainless steel construction which is pressure tested and flaw detected before supply.

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