Limpet Mine Disposal Equipment LMDE

The Limpet Mine Disposal Equipment (LMDE) has been specifically developed to disrupt thin cased mines typically attached to the hull or structure of a target vessel or installation. Based on the proven foundations of the Pigstick disruptor, the LMDE is supplied with a magnetic mounting stand and floats to allow deployment and attachment by a diver.

LMDE Capabilities:

  • Combats thin-cased mines normal normally attached to the hull of a ship by enemy swimmers
  • Effective disruption is achieved by projecting a jet of water at the mine case and explosive filling

LMDE Box Specifications:

  • Length: Box 1 – 50cm x 30cm x 30cm; Box 2 – 50 cm x 30cm x 10cm
  • Comprises a stand, two barrels and associated equipment
  • Can be supplied with the cartridge LMDE N12 Mk1 (warshot) and cartridge LMDE N2 Mk1 (training)

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