Stingray Fluid Blade Disruptor

The Stingray is a 1.15 litre Fluid Blade Disruptor for EOD applications. The front side of the Stingray produces a fluid blade which is capable of penetrating heavy barriers whilst retaining post penetration velocities needed for effective precision defeat and disruption. The back side produces a wall of water for general disruption.  This tool has been designed using the latest in computer aided explosive modelling and its performance is well characterised against a variety of barriers using high speed video and X-ray imaging of both pre and post penetration blade velocities.

Stingray Fluid Blade Disruptor Features

• Low Cost: An economical tool making it appealing for incorporation into training scenarios
• Rigid Plastic Construction: means consistent blade performance will not de-form under dismounted or robot placement
• Simple to assemble: the unit consists of three main body pieces with clamps, an ‘O’ ring, cap holder and water plug
• Flat Explosive Tray: The front side of the Explosive Tray has pre-applied adhesive for easy installation of Sheet Explosive and the back side of the Explosive Tray is used as a cutting tool for Sheet Explosive
• Blade Precedes Explosive Gasses: Effective tamping allows blade to disrupt before explosive gasses reach the target


• Construction: Poly Carbonate, Clear, rigid
• Size: 12.7cm x 22.8cm x 12.7cm
• Unloaded Weight: 680g
• Fluid Volume (load capacity): 1.13kg
• Optimum Stand-Off: 1.50cm
• Blade Effective at zero Stand-off
• Shipping: Box of 30 units: 38cm x 40cm x 61cm – 25kg

Download Datasheet