DET Diagnostic Kit DDK

The DET Diagnostic Kit DDK provides EOD and Bomb Technicians with the ability to safely perform electronics diagnostics. This kit includes all tools required to perform detonator or switch diagnostics; and provides the operator with equipment to perform diagnostics on analogue intrusion detection systems. The DDK also includes Wire Attack Special Purpose Probes (WASPP), which allow operators to make non-invasive electrical measurements of wires.


  • Safely perform electronics diagnostics
  • Includes tools to perform detonator or switch diagnostics
  • Includes equipment to perform analogue intrusion detection
  • Includes Wire Attack Special Piercer Probe allowing operators to make noninvasive electrical measurements of wires
  • Each kit includes six specialised “bed of nails” piercers with volt metre leads and six extensions. These probes pierce the insulation of wires and contact the internal conductor at multiple points providing positive connection and ensuring the most accurate measurements.

DET Diagnostic Kit contents:

  • DDK Customised Nylon Bag (1)
  • Fluke 87-V Multimetre (1)
  • Calculator (1)
  • 91.5 cm 14G Coated Wire (1)
  • Greenlee Inductive Amplifier (1)
  • K100 Current Probe (1)
  • WASPP Kit – 6 Leads (1)
  • Banana Male to Male Jumper (Black) (1)
  • Banana Male to Male Jumper (Red) (1)
  • Wiresnips (1)
  • Butane Powered Soldering Iron (1)
  • 183 cm Solder (1)
  • Ceramic X-ACTO Knife + replacement blades (2)
  • Write in the Rain Notebook (1)
  • Sharpie – Black (1)
  • Sharpie – Silver (1)

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