Remote In-Extremis Pull RIP Line EOD Kit

The Tactical Electronics Remote In-Extremis Pull RIP Line EOD Kit offers Special Operations Forces EOD operations a lightweight easy to deploy hook-and-line system. The RIP Kit includes interchangeable vise grabber, cutter and collapsible hook with 30 m of 7/64 Armsteel line. The RIP kit is included in the full 2nd Line EOD Tool Kit or may be purchased separately.

In this Kit:

  • Rip Kit Pouch (1)
  • Rip Hook (1)
  • Petzl Carabiner (1)
  • Gerber Strap Cutter (1)
  • Rip Cord – 30 m (1)
  • 114 gms Weighted Throw Bag (1)
  • Titanium EOD Stake (4)
  • Vise Grip with Eyebolt (1)
  • SERE 70 Light Stick Blue (1)

Download Datasheet