HAL Standard Kit

The Bombtec HAL Standard Kit is a fully comprehensive EOD/IEDD rigging kit. It provides the capability to conduct IEDD tasks involving buildings, structures, vehicles and locations. In particular, the 2 colour-coded lines allow more advanced techniques to be conducted than possible with a single line kit.

The HAL Standard Kit includes components for attaching lines to objects and anchoring pulleys to walls, floors, windows and door frames. The components are also suitable for assisting entry into vehicles and for removing items discovered inside. Changes in direction of the line to give lift, avoid obstacles or to allow the Operator to gain cover are achieved by use of self-opening pulleys.

The HAL Standard Kit is supplied as standard in a rugged Hard-Case. Internally the case is covered in Velcro strips permitting each of the modules to be secured to the case. Velcro straps along the spine on the top and bottom allow for securing poles and other long objects.

Each of the Modules which make up the HAL Standard Kit are supplied in a rugged, abrasion-resistant fabric pouch featuring a double slider zipper closure, a mesh pocket on the interior lid, and elastic loops on the interior base. As with the modular approach to the entire BombTec product line, each pouch features Velcro Hook backing and two MOLLE straps with snaps to provide the flexibility to affix modules to the interior or exterior of the BombTec Backpack, to MOLLE loops on Med-Eng Bomb Suits, or onto to most other tactical equipment.

The Main Lines are each carried in a robust protective Reel Bag, fitted with a clear plastic viewing window to give the operator an instant view of the line colour without having to open the bag. It also has a pair of external pockets. This bag can be used as a carry bag to bring tools downrange.

This kit is part of the wider Bombtec product line, to learn more click here >.